Meet the Running Insoles That Are Changing the Game

I've about had it with the shoe insole biz. I've been running for over ten years now, and I swear I've probably test-driven at least 30 different insoles. They all make big promises, some work better than others, but most still fall flat. And none of them have ever really spoken to my feet. So for the past few months, I've been on the hunt for true foot whisperer: an insole that is actually going to keep its promises.

On a whim, I reached out to Wiivv, the up-and-coming insole powerhouse, to see if they'd be interested in letting me take their cutting edge insoles for a test run. Why Wiivv? Well, they caught my eye for three reasons: 1) they're all over Instagram, which makes them pretty hard to miss; 2) they're made using a 3D printer and are completely personalized for your feet, 3) they have been proven to reduce pronation, which helps prevent running injuries. Their team was thrilled at my proposition and soon after, sent over a link to get my custom insoles started.

Here's how it all went down:

Wiiv Insoles

Step 1. Shop 'til you drop. 

First, I went to and picked out the style and size of my insoles. Being the graphic design nerd that I am, I absolutely loved how I was able to personalize both the color of the top layer and the bottom layer of the insole. 🤓 So once I spent a ridiculous amount of time color-coordinating my new insoles with my New Balances, I placed my order. Minutes later, a private link arrived in my inbox which will took me to the fitting process.

Step 2. Take a F-elfie.

I downloaded the Wiivv app and followed the instructions for taking pictures of my feet. I took a shot of each foot from above and then a shot of the inner side of each foot. Then I got a lil' extra and decided to paint my toes and do it all over again. 😜  (Hey, who wants to send off snapshots of their un-pedicured toes anyways!?) So with a fresh coat of paint and some camera-ready feet, I sent my snapshots for all the Wiivv geniuses to see.

Wiivv Insoles
Wiivv Insoles

Step 3. Take 'em for a spin.

Once I pressed send, all I had left to do was play the waiting game. But not for long, because my new custom insoles arrived in the mail within about 5 days. As soon as they showed up at my doorstep, I ripped the box open like a kid at Christmas, slipped them into my shoes, and took them for a highly anticipated spin. 

Wiivv Insoles

How did they perform?

Fast-forward 30 days and about 60 miles, and I'm thrilled to say my Wiivv's delivered on their promises. Here's why:

1. they supported me every step of the way. 

In the past, I've had issues with not having enough support at the ball of my foot or on the sides. But when I wear my Wiivv's, every nook and cranny of my foot feels cradled into place. And it's not just in my head, because Wiivv's 3D printing technology digitally maps your feet with over 200 points to ensure your insoles match, just like if you set your footprint into a clay mold yourself.

2. they gave me more cushion for my footin'.

In the past, other insoles have turned hard as a rock (probably because the foam packs down over time). But these insoles are made with a high-quality nylon material which provides a superior level of cushion, while still allowing a healthy range of motion. Obvi I've only run around in these bad boys for a month, but I have high hopes that my Wiivv's will keep their bounce long-term. 

3. my Runner's knee is no more.

I realize it might be too soon to give out Nobel Prizes just yet, but I kid you not, my chronic case of Runner's Knee has kept quiet while I've been training in these insoles! Sure, it could all be in my head, but there is a little bit of scientific evidence to back this claim: when your feet are put back into a natural, aligned position, you optimize the way your body is supposed to work, which reduces unhealthy and uneven strain on your knees, hips and back. (And I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they cure other things too, like my two left feet...)

Wiiv Insoles

So if you're on a mission to end running-related aches or simply looking to add some style inside your shoes, I highly recommend you check out Wiivv. They pride themselves on their science and they take their support seriously. Snag your custom insoles here, then get out and get jiggy wiivv it. 

Please note: I was so fortunate to have Wiivv team up with me to sponsor this post, but all opinions are still my own.