Why I Decided to Quit Tri-ing

So this is the post I've been putting off for quite some time now. I've gone under the radar, both on social media and on here, because I've truly been dreading telling y'all this. And I don't know if it's because, in my mind I have to be some incredibly resilient athlete to call myself a "fitness blogger", or it's because deep down, I'm a little disappointed in myself. But either way, I think it's finally time to come clean about a recent decision I made...

I have decided to drop out of my first triathlon that I've been training for next week. That's right, I quit. Two and a half months of cycling, swimming, and running down the drain. 

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I came to this disappointing decision when I snuck away to my parent's lake house two weeks ago. See, I was having a really rough week, both in my personal and work life, so I decided I needed a break from it all and I retreated to my home base. And while I was lounging on the lake, ignoring my workouts, and gettin' pudgy off mama's home cookin', I asked myself, "Why am I putting all of this pressure on myself to compete?"

Come to think of it, 9 weeks of non-stop training really only gave me a knee injury and a burnout like no other. I feel more worn out and unmotivated than ever, and I've even started resenting these three sports that used to bring me so much joy. So who exactly do I owe it to complete this race? 

After some self-reflection and a bit of mama's two sense, I realized that I was pushing myself to the max because I thought a had to, not because I wanted to. Sure, I absolutely loved the thrill of training at first, but after injuring myself mid-way through and feeling overly guilty for it, training became more of a battle than a blast. 

Fortunately, when I reached out to the race director last week about my decision, she was more than understanding. In fact, she even offered to transfer my registration to the next race in Charlotte, which will take place on September 16th! That's plenty of time for me to recharge my batteries and bounce back stronger than ever.

So to all of my fit-friends who are competing next Sunday: I gotta say, you're incredible for just showing up and you deserve more than a medal for all of the work you've already put in. And to all of my comrades who are gearing up for a shot at it in September: I'll see you at the starting line. 😉

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Who else has dropped out of a race when the odds weren't in your favor? How did you overcome the guilt that comes with the four-letter Q word?