The Mattress That Every Athlete Needs (Video)

I'm a firm believer in getting a good night's rest. 10 hours to be exact. Yes, I get giggles from my friends about my old geezer bedtime, but when I'm up and at 'em for an early run, I'm the one grinning from ear to ear. Plus, you don't wanna see the monster I become when I don't get enough shut-eye.

I totally respect that there's a different snooze for different crews. And truth is, sometimes life just won't let you get enough rest. So I wanna share a recent discovery that is going to give you a leg up on getting a good night's sleep. Meet the Matrix Smart Mattress.


I was introduced to the Matrix team about 6 months ago, when their photographer reached out to me to do some fitness modeling for them. At first, I was a little skeptical about why an up-and-coming brand would want little ol' me to be the face on their marketing materials. But after only 2 hours of shooting with them, I realized that the opportunity of a lifetime had just stumbled in my lap.

At our very first shoot, Aaron (their photographer) introduced me to the famed mattress and gave me a quick run through about all the hype. Here's what I learned:

Why's it so great?

Basically, this mattress is unlike any other mattress out there. It's the first smart mattress on the market that records your heart rate variability, or what they like to call "the music of your heart". It reads the inconsistency of your heart rate, and then sends that data over to a nifty, easy-to-read app. The app then allows you to review your sleep quality, breathing, movement, stress, and sleep cycles. You don't have to wear any straps, gizmos, or gadgets, because the sensors are built into the bottom of the mattress and are virtually undetectable. Wanna know the best part? These clever sensors also alert the app's smart alarm to wake you when you're in your lightest phase of sleep (in hopes that waking up at 7am on a Monday morning is just a bit easier 🙌 ).

Last but not least, this mattress is just plain comfy. Made with the highest standard of foam in the U.S, its base keeps your spine stabilized and the copper-infused top layer provides an even layer of support, regulates temperature, relieves aches 'n pains, and promotes circulation. (I'm sure you can understand why I had no problems lounging on it for an 8-hour shoot the other day... 😉 )

Matrix Sleep

You snooze, you win.

It's a no brainer that better sleep = better performance as an athlete, but just how much can sleep help your game?

Renowned sleep researcher Dr. Bill Dement conducted a study of the Stanford basketball team on the correlation of sleep and sports performance. Players were asked to sleep normally for 2-4 weeks, then to sleep 10 hours a night for 5-7 weeks. The results? Their shooting percentage of 3-point goals went up 9.2%, their shooting percentage at the foul line went up 9%, and their sprint speed decreased for 16.2s to 15.5s. They also reported less fatigue, faster reaction times, and better moods. To answer the question: you snooze, you win.

So since you gotta rest to be the best, why not enjoy it on a mattress that can help you train smarter by actually planning what kind of workout you are going to have that day? That's right, Matrix can also predict your future. 🔮 The app shares your sleep trends so you can train your hardest when your heart rate variability is at its peak, or recover on days when its not. Who would've ever thought that you could go into a workout knowing how much potential energy you're packing!? That's the future of fitness right there.

Matrix Sleep

Join the sleep revolution.

Matrix is redefining what it means to get a good night's sleep and it's raising the bar for mattresses everywhere. It's currently sold exclusively on Indegogo in all standard mattress sizes (twin, full, queen, king), with promo prices ranging from $800-$1,500. So if you're in need of a new mattress or simply want to take your sleep game to the next level, snag yours and support the Matrix movement!

Matrix Sleep

Wanna learn more?

Check out this snazzy video that features your girl faking her best #iwokeuplikethis impression:

All images are courtesy of Matrix Sleep. This post is also sponsored by Matrix Sleep.