Life Update: I'm Engaged!

So I promised y’all that this blog would only be about sweats and superfoods, but this post is gonna be the one exception: because I CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!! Y’all… I’m ENGAGED!

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But before I spill the juicy deets on how Matt popped the question, I’m going to take you down memory lane. That’s right, we’re going back EIGHT years to good ol’ Columbia, South Carolina where all the magic happened…

We were just two unknowing college sweethearts.

Who would’ve thought that my randomly-assigned beer pong partner at a college frat party would one day become my soulmate? That’s right, in our junior year at the University of South Carolina, Matt needed a helping hand to earn Beer Olympics gold and I was the girl who happened to be standing by. Little did I know that we weren’t just teaming up for a 30-minute drinking game, but instead, were unknowingly teaming up for life.  😂🧀

But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill love story: because we didn’t hit it off right away. Sure, Matt kept me laughing all night long, but sparks didn’t fly for us on that first night. In fact, after a few hours of getting to know him, I had the ridiculous idea that he would make the perfect match for my best friend, Krista. So I introduced the two, entered the friend zone, and didn’t think twice about it.  

That is, until a year later at a Halloween party, I saw him chatting it up with a gal in a devil horns and I got this intense pang of jealousy. Wait, what? Why was I freaking out about seeing good ol’ Matt talking to another chick in a seriously uncreative costume? Apparently I had really misjudged my feelings for him and that was the night I grew permanent hearts in my eyes for this boy. 😍

Days of bumping into Matt around campus turned into weeks of dreaming about him. My crush on him grew each time I saw him and I couldn’t help but wonder if he felt the same way. So on one fateful night, after a few drinks too many, I finally found the cojones to tell Matt how I felt. (That’s right, I made the move.)

True Love

We clearly never had a “love at first sight” moment, but there was no denying our chemistry when we decided to give dating a shot. We laughed together, we dreamed together, and our friendship quickly grew into an undeniable love.

Fast-forward seven years, and our love has blossomed into everything we’ve ever hoped for: last year Matt bought me a puppy for my birthday, this past summer we bought our first home together, and three weeks ago, Matt professed his eternal love for me with a ring. 💍


And this is how he popped the question.

After years of complaining about never taking vacations, Matt and I finally skipped town last month and flew down to Cancun for a long weekend of Mexican paradise. On that Friday, we touched down around 4pm, grabbed some drinks at the tiki bar, and then headed back up to the room to get dressed for dinner.

As I was getting ready, I noticed Matt was super eager to head back down to the beach to catch the sunset. In fact, I’m pretty sure he said about four times, “Hey, let’s not miss the sunset!” But since I had just started curling my hair, I was in full diva mode, so I stubbornly replied with, “Matt! I’m on vacation. I never get to take my time getting ready. Let me just enjoy this.” Little did I know that Matt had a beautiful diamond in his left pocket that journeyed with us all day and was ready to make its debut.

When we finally made it down to the beach, the sun had already set and a brilliant moon had taken its place. Matt suggested we walk out onto the pier, but when we got there, we saw that it had been closed off for the night.

When I took a moment to gaze at the starry sky, I heard Matt whisper, “Hey Nat, what’s that in the sand?” Feeling as if I set myself for some sort of prank, I turned around and Matt was down on one knee, holding a beautiful ring in his hand. I gasped and Matt replied with, “Nathalie, will you marry me?” 😍

Y’all, I truly am the luckiest girl in the world to have found the man of my dreams. All my life, I have prayed to find a man that is half the man Matt is. And God has blessed me beyond words by making Matt mine. 💓

Now, rumor has it that wedding planning is one heck of a ride, so forgive me if I disappear from blogging for a bit. But I promise I’ll have some really romantic pictures and a fairytale ending to report when I return. 😜

I’m such a sucker for love stories! I wanna hear how your significant other popped the question too. So please comment your story below!