Behind the Scenes: Athleta Video Shoot (Video)


Two weeks ago, I met up with Market Street Studios, a local video production company, to shoot a fitness promo video in the streets of Uptown Charlotte. You see, about a month before, we connected on Instagram and discovered that we had a mutual desire to build our portfolios with some killer fitness content. So we set a date, planned some looks, and scheduled the perfect opportunity to create some magic. But when the morning of June 29th rolled around, my 4:00am alarm clock was a rude awakening for the 5:45am call time we had set. I reluctantly rolled out of bed, nibbled on a Belvita bar, and managed to keep my eyes open just wide enough to paint a presentable face on. Then I hopped in my car and beelined for the nearest Starbucks that just so happened to sit right next to our first shoot location: The Mint Museum. 🙌

Just as I finished slurping down an iced green tea (that's right, I'm one of those weird non-coffee drinkers), the crew rolled up. This was my first time shooting with them, so we exchanged hellos and then got right to work. For the first look, I sported this rad multi-colored geometric bra with a form-flattering pair of sapphire capris, both from Athleta. I felt so confident in this getup that the reality that I was frolicking around uptown Charlotte half-naked on a busy workday didn't even cross my mind.


We kicked things off with what I like to call my classic photoshoot "super realistic warm-up": 6 quad stretches, 8 cross-body arm stretches, an occasional watch glance, a quick ponytail tighten, finished with a slow-motion shoe tie at the end. (And let me tell you, you'll never realize how tough tying your shoe can be until you have a big black lens zoomed in on your feet.)

Then once we got the humdrum bits out of the way, it was time for my favorite part: the running sequences. See, overtime I have perfected a camera-ready jog that makes me look as if I'm gliding through a strenuous run with an effortless gazelle-like stride (I promise I don't actually run this gracefully in real life). So once we got a handful of these action-packed trots (including one where I rounded the corner and almost face-planted into a larger woman's bosom), we decided it was time for look #2.


The second ensemble featured a white and coral bra matched with some vibrant coral running shorts (both from Athleta as well). This outfit showcased a lot more skin (...much to the dismay of every construction worker in Romare Bearden Park. 😑 ) But fortunately our time in the park was short-lived, and after the team snagged some shots of me doing a mini BBG workout (#KaylasArmy), we started heading back towards our cars and I was able to escape the gawks of the park's peanut gallery.

On the way back, we shot a few more random exercise shots before calling it a wrap. We exchanged our final high-fives and chatted about our mutual excitement for this project, then we went our separate ways. The team ventured back to their studio in Concord and I beelined straight for my cozy bed.

Dillon, Garrett, and Sophia were an absolute blast to work with. They had such a unique way of balancing professionalism with humor, and I kid you not, I'm pretty sure the most intense workout I was doing all morning was doubling over in laughter at all of their jokes. Plus, this team has a killer eye for spotting the perfect shot and then somehow always manages to capture it in 1-2 takes. (Trust me, when you usually have to reshoot tough workouts over and over, one-and-done shots are much appreciated!) The stunning video they produced below speaks for itself, and I definitely hope we will get to work together again soon!

This video and blog post are not sponsored by Athleta in any way.