Running Shoe Review: ASICS Dynamis

I know I sound like a broken record, but I've been an ASICS addict since I first started running cross country in high school. From the Kayano to the GT-2000, my closet has been stocked with reflective swirly "A's" for over 10 years now. So when ASICS recently sent me a surprise package full of fall swag and the highly-anticipated Dynamis running shoe, I suited up and then marched around in the same outfit for a solid week. 😜

Despite some funky smells and a few odd glances from the neighbors, one week of trotting around in my new gear convinced me that these Dynamis kicks might just be the future of running shoes. Scroll down to discover why ASICS's breakout shoe for the season is raising the bar for sneakers everywhere!

ASICS Dynamis

How's the ride?

At first try on, I was in disbelief at how light yet cushioned this shoe was. We're talking that walking in the clouds feeling. Well, turns out that sky-high sensation has a name, and it's called FlyteFoam, ASICS's signature midsole cushioning. This bouncy goodness has been proven to be 55% lighter than the industry standard, which allows the Dynamis to be both supportive and light as a feather. Weighing in at only 7.9 oz (compared to my previous shoe which was a hefty 9.3 oz), it's obvious that this shoe was built for speed. Therefore, I plan to pack this sneaker for my 5k and 10k road races, where it can really shine. 

ASICS Dynamis

How's the fit? 

This sneaker is stellar for anyone with normal to low arches, or for those of you who have neutral or over-pronation. (If you're like me and get these confused all the time, this means your foot lands on the outside of the heel then rolls too far inward). Since I'm a notorious high-arched underpronator, all I had to do was slide some supportive insoles inside to make these shoes feel like home. 

Speaking of home, this shoe fits more like a bedroom slipper than a traditional running shoe. Since it's tongue-less, you slide your foot in like you would a slipper, and it gives you that sock-like fit. It's not overly tight or stiff, yet still has enough structure on the sides to cradle your foot in place. 

ASICS Dynamis

How does it work?

It this crazy cool lace-less technology called the "BOA Lacing System". Technically they aren't shoelaces at all: it's one continuous cord that twirls around this nifty dial, which allows you to tighten or loosen as needed. To "tie" the shoe, you simply slip your foot in, push the dial down until it snaps, then spin it counter-clockwise until the fit is nice and snug. To loosen your laces, all you do is pull the dial up and the tension of the cord is released. Mind-blowing right? No more bunny ears, this is the future of shoe-tying right here!

To be honest, when I first saw this intricate web, I thought to myself: this thread of a shoelace is going to snap on my first sprint. Because in reality, the cord is 1/4 the size of a shoelace and my stride is a lil all over the place. But now that I'm 6 runs in and haven't had to whip out the duct tape, I can testify that these laces have held up as promised. (Now the only challenge is keeping my 3-month old puppy away from them...)

ASICS Dynamis

Wanna take Flyte?

They're available for both guys and gals, in light grey or black. They run for $160 a pair, a small price to pay to be up in the clouds. 😉  So snag your new Dynamis running sneakers here.

Or just wanna steal my look? I'm also wearing the Versatility Seamless Bra, the Interval Capri II, the Thermopolis Hoodie, and the fuzeX Flow Tank


Thanks to ASICS for sponsoring this post and allowing me to take these shoes for a spin. While I was compensated, all opinions and creativity are my own.