BIG NEWS for My Blog

Alright folks, I’m diving back into blogging! Life has finally slowed down after the wedding/honeymoon/home renovations and I’m so excited to get back on the keyboard.

But before I spill the deets on what’s to come, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. So many of y’all have continued to read my posts in my absence and have supported me from Day 1. Whether I’ve been taking on crazy adventures in the name of fitness or taking some quiet time for my personal life, y’all have been so uplifting. Even though I haven’t met you in person, I want you to know it brings me so much joy to have a connection to you through this blog.

Soooo…. continuing on that theme of support 😜… I hope y’all are gung-ho for this crazy decision I’ve made for my blog. Ready for it?? Well…. I’m officially switching gears and transitioning from a fitness blog into something more of lifestyle blog!

Don’t get me wrong, fitness is still basically all I do in my free time, but as I’ve grown older (and wiser? 🤔) in the past year, I’ve realized my sights aren’t set on becoming a rockstar athlete anymore. Instead, my heart beats for flourishing my new marriage, starting a family (but not just yet lol), mastering my inner Joanna Gaines, growing a green thumb, trying to surpass my husband in the kitchen (he’s Bobby Flay status, y’all), trying to transition my wardrobe away from yoga pants, the list goes on! It turns out I have a lot more thoughts that I want to share other than what races I’m running.

So I hope y’all are down for this change of pace. Hopefully you will find interest in getting to know me on a more personal level! I can’t wait to start this new journey with ya. 🤗

FIRST UP: How we tied the knot! Stay tuned…