My name is Nathalie
and I can't stop moving.

In fact, I’ve pretty much been in motion ever since I was a little one. I kicked off my love for fitness when I started playing soccer in my youth, which morphed into a passion for running. In college, I explored long-distance running as a way to stay in shape, and three years ago I peeked into the intriguing world of bodybuilding.

Now I look to fitness as a form of play.

By day, I run my own graphic design business, but sometimes sitting at a desk all day can seem like I’m in time-out. So when I’m not working, I explore new ways of getting up and getting out. I’ve found that my happiness lies in staying fit and challenging myself to be a better athlete. But what is true happiness without having someone to share it with? And for that reason, I decided to blog my fitness journey , in hopes of building a like-minded #fitfam to laugh, learn, and grow with. Join me as I share the tips, the tricks, the challenges, and the triumphs of living a fit life to the fullest.